Aftermath of the Blizzard 2013


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The day the blizzard started a regular customer in the morning told me “It sucks that it is going to snow so much. What horrible luck I have, I just found out how bad the blizzard is going to be the day AFTER I sold all of my sled dogs.”

Sled dogs would have come tremendously in handy since the snow was about 2 1/2 feet in most areas close to me. Where I lived it was about 3 feet, I walked outside and it was to my hips, but thanks to my wedge snow boots, the snow only went to my thigh. Where I work the snow about about 2 feet high, which was a little bit less than what a lot of people got. Most people who live near my work were completely snowed in and the snow trucks (although they were clearing the roads) ended up piling the snow onto peoples’ yards, driveways, and it overflowed onto some peoples’ front doors, snowing them in. We had to climb out of our bathroom window and dig our way to the front door, then dig out the front door and start on the driveway.

Now we are getting rain. It has been raining on and off since yesterday afternoon and it has been warming up, so now many areas are being flooded. And now we are supposed to get another snow storm by Friday. Hopefully this bad of a winter will lead to a gorgeous spring.time.

Many of our customers are manual laborers and they have all come in with woes of how they have been on storm call since the blizzard and how their bosses are telling them that they will continue to be on storm call probably until next week. So they are away from their homes and families and having to work 12-16 hours days, and it will continue until storm call is over. Even a close friend is miserable on storm call because he is in a neighboring state and unable to see his wife and three children for the past week, and probably won’t be able to see them until late into next week.

On the bright side though, since the weather has heated up, black ice is seemingly none existent, and people are slowly but surely getting power back to their homes and being dug out of their homes as well.

Only downfall for me personally is that our driveway is a giant mud hill…but at least once we move we won’t have to deal with it anymore.


Sitting and waiting for my ride home


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Today was sadly busy and very little money was made; apparently the cold weather has frozen everyone’s generosity. But as I’m sitting here after working waiting for my ride (as I do every shift), an elderly business man has taken it upon himself to strike a conversation with me.

This happens a lot more than I would prefer. Personally, I don’t like it because I feel awkward talking with a complete stranger knowing that I have no way out of the conversation without being rude. The first time it happened was about a month or so ago. An older woman began a conversation with me and during the two hours we talked I learned that she is originally from Switzerland, she moved to America after marrying her husband (who was in the army at the time) and she has four children and three grandchildren. Her husband came out of retirement and is currently in the business of selling generators to home owners.

Another time, an elderly woman praised me to an hour about how wonderful it was that I was going to college and that I wasn’t the type of person who she assumed I was when she first saw me.

Other times it has been people in the generations older than myself, telling me about their lives and asking me about mine. I feel awkward because my life isn’t really good for casual conversation. What could I tell them “Oh ya, I moved around a lot as a child and finally settled in California and moved to Connecticut about three years ago. Majority of my childhood I was neglected and abused, so when I became a teenager I decided to be rebellious in my own way and even though the abuse stopped, the neglect continued, but hey, at least I made it out and turned my life around. And even though I grew up well below the poverty line and am still currently considered to be living in poverty, at least I and my “hubby” work hard and don’t have any debt. And no, I’m not planning on moving back to California…So are you from this area?” 😀

I could see that conversation going quite well with someone who is at least old enough to be my parent or grandparent.

But currently an elderly man in a suit from the upper east side of New York tried to strike up a conversation. He seemed to not really understand that I didn’t want to talk. He seemed surprised enough that I spent a good amount of my childhood in a rural area and then was moved to a city that many people describe as being a “sketchy area”, but hey, he seems to have become occupied with his work that he brought with him. From what I can tell the work looks like large blueprints of something.

I hate being socially obligated to socialize with people. It’s torture enough at work, let alone when I’m off the clock and just want to sit here quietly minding my own business. Maybe it’s just a thing from where I’m from. No one ever talks to people they don’t know, especially in public places.

Oh well, I guess it’s just something I’m going to have to get used to since it looks like I’m going to be living here for probably the rest of my life.

Snow, snow and more snow



We were hit with a blizzard. I awoke at 7:00am on Friday and it started snowing immediately. At first it was just a few large snowflakes, but it soon became a large amount of various sized snowflakes. By noon work had called and said that they were going to close before my shift started, so thankfully I didn’t have to drive in the storm. By night fall there was about 10 inches of snow on the ground. When I awoke the next morning, we were snowed in. The front door wouldn’t open, so we had to jump out of the bathroom window and trudge through the snow to the front door and dig ourselves out. We then had to shovel the driveway, which is unpaved and about 20-30 feet long. The snow was about 3 feet high, I was almost lost in it, but thankfully my snow boots have a high wedge so the snow only went to my thigh. But we shoveled for about 2 hours and then our landlord came outside with a snow blower. The snow was too deep for the snow blower so he left in defeat. After a few more hours our landlord returned and slowly worked his way throughout the day with the snow blower; constantly having to take breaks. But at the end of the day the driveway was cleared.

We went out to get food and gas, but when we tried to enter out driveway, we found that we couldn’t drive all the way up the drive way, so the next day we spent four hours making sure that the drive way was clear enough for the car to drive on.

This morning I stepped outside and was tempted to wear my snow boots to work, but decided against it, and thankfully I made the right choice. It was boiling at work today.

Currently it is raining and although it is melting a lot of the snow, it will probably cause a large amount of ice to form, so we are exchanging one problem for another. At times like these, I miss the warm temperatures of California.

Searching for a white dress or skirt


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I can’t wait to go shopping for the party 🙂

I need to find a white dress or skirt because I have been wearing white pants, which is a no no for those parties. The first party we went to I refused to buy a white skirt or dress because I am more comfortable in pants; I always wear pants, even in the summer, and we literally dance the ENTIRE time at the party, it’s a lot of fun because we will start at about 4pm or 5pm and sometimes get done at 3am. I remember the first party we went to we danced from 5pm-3am, it was SO much fun!

But while at a party I asked a friend why all of the women wear dresses and skirts and only the men wear pants and she explained a bit of it, and I realized that me wearing pants was pretty much the equivalent of trying to be a man in a traditional country. So I’ve been looking for a white dress or skirt and I found some at a botanical shop that we went to but all of them were too short for me, I want one that at least goes to my ankles (since all the other women have it around that length), but now that I’m looking for one I of courses can’t find one. So my goal is to finally find one before the party in March. Hopefully now that it is kind of entering spring I will be able to find one.

Apparently I’m cold-hearted



Today my coworkers declared me to be cold-hearted because when a coworker came in to pick up her check, she also brought her two kids. Both of them are under 18 months and everyone literally stopped everything they were doing and started cooing over the kids. I kept working and to be honest, the only baby I have ever seen that makes my heart melt was my niece. I don’t know why, but I don’t coo and find babies ‘SO adorable’. Maybe I am cold-hearted, maybe there’s just something missing from me…who knows. But I’m not really the type of person who melts over babies. I’m sure that I will whenever I have kids of my own, but I just don’t feel anything for kids or babies right now. So it was an awkward rest of the day because the coworker who brought the kids thought that I thought her kids were ugly or brats because I wasn’t with the rest of the staff completely ooing and awing over her kids. I had to awkwardly explain that it wasn’t her kids, it was just me and that someone still had to do their job since no one else was. I then received a nice lecture from everyone about how “cold-hearted” I am. But to be honest…I really did not care.

But on a lighter note I guess…I can’t wait for early March because I and my “hubby” are going to another celebration/party for PM. I love going to the parties, they are SO much fun!! But it was a bit awkward when everyone was talking about going to bars and various other parties this weekend and next month and all I really had on my agenda was that I was going to a party for PM, so I decided to keep quiet and just focus on work.

Late night visit


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At night I woke up because my alarm went off when it wasn’t supposed to. I got up from bed and the entire room was pitch black, I found my phone and turned off the alarm, it was 12:43 (all of my alarms are set for 4:00am-5:00am), I thought that it was a bit odd, but didn’t put too much thought into it because I just wanted to go back to sleep. As I went back to bed I noticed out of the corner of my eye that there was suddenly a large amount of moonlight in the corner of the room near the window. I took no mind to it until I got into bed and rolled over towards the moonlight and noticed that it wasn’t what I thought it was. At first it look like the light was in the form of a woman with a veil on, I figured that my eyes must not be fully focused because it was early in the morning. I stared at the light for a bit longer and noticed that there were no other lights coming from the window (we live in the country near a large forest area, so there are almost never any lights). As my eyes adjusted a bit more I started to notice the light become more defined and I could see facial features where a face would be. The eyes were large and the skin around the eyes was very skeletal. It looked like a girl in her mid teens with loose flying hair and a long nightgown covering everything (from neck to feet and wrists). The figure brought her right hand to her face and put on finger against her lips in a hushing motion. I closed my eyes and tried to just sleep but when I opened them again the figure was still there and she had her hand back to her side. She smiled evilly and it looked like she was staring at my “hubby”.

I tried to shake my “hubby” awake but he wouldn’t wake up. The figure smirked and her head started to shake side to side very quickly and so did her arm that she had made the hushing motion with. I closed my eyes and covered my ears, assuming that I must still be asleep. I opened them again and the figure was still there. I tried to shake my “hubby” awake again but he still wouldn’t wake up. The figure stopped moving and made the hushing motion again and then reached for my “hubby”, so I screamed for him to wake up while I shook him and he finally woke up.

He woke up panicked and I kept telling him “Near the door! The closet door!” He was looking towards the door into the bedroom, not the closet. I saw the figure slowly take a less and less defined shape and then disappear. So I was thoroughly paranoid for the rest of the night and I have been since that night (it was almost a week ago). And apparently so has my “hubby”. But later that day I explained what happened and he made a good point; even if he would have seen it, what could he have done? The thing could have done whatever it wanted and neither he nor I could have done anything. So we had a good laugh about it and then he told me that if it happens again to just let him sleep because he woke up thinking there was a burglar.

He complains when I don’t tell him about these things and then complains when I do tell him about these things. I guess I’m damned if I do, and damned if I don’t.

So much fun today



I had so much fun today, it is a bit difficult to believe that I was at work. There were lots of customers, so for most of the day I was constantly busy, which is what I like. Today I decided to take part in my coworkers’ fun and games and at the end of it all, we all learned something new. They learned that I do have a side that can be normal, but that I choose not to; not because I am (what they thought) a stuck up snob, or extremely shy, but because I don’t see a point in telling everyone about my sex life, what I think about the new pair of shoes that another coworker is wearing or how much I enjoy certain things. So it was nice to be allowed a little bit of normality and social acceptance.

But sadly it quickly disappeared when a coworker popped a bag and the sound that it made sounded like a gun being shot. Another coworker laughed and said that it gave her a heart attack and I faked as though I was shot. He laughed and said that I was morbid had a sick sense of humor. I told him that morbid and a sick sense of humor would be repeating the sound in a veteran’s home. They laughed a bit and said that it was a bit sick, but not really morbid. Then I suggested that if they wanted morbid then they should dress up as Death, go to an old folks home and stand in windows pointing at the elderly people inside. The laughs stopped and awkwardness ensued.

They all can’t be winners I guess.

My boss’s daughter


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This is probably just a bit of a rant, but my god! I cannot stand my boss’s daughter. I don’t hate her or want her to jump off a bridge or anything, it’s just that she is a spoiled naive brat who doesn’t have a mental filter, or an off switch for her mouth. I have dealt with her constantly complaining about how her parents are no longer supporting her completely and tell everyone about how terrible they are for making her pay back the money she owes them. Here’s the thing, her parents have given her SO much. Every time I hear her complain I just want to shake her and find a way to get it through her thick head that she’s lucky and that she’s throwing away an amazing opportunity.

She is about 3 years younger than me and her parents gave her a credit card and paid for a new car for her; not a used one, but an actual brand new car. And her parents invested $18,000 into her college education, and they pay for literally everything, the only reason why she has her job is because her mom (the boss) wanted her to have some responsibility and also because her parents refused to pay for her hair and nails to be done each week. So her mom only made her work 4 hours a day twice a week. Within the first month she maxed out her credit card but didn’t tell them, then when the car started to have problems, instead of taking it to a shop or telling anyone about it, she waited until the repairs needed were major and her parents told her to use the credit card, then she explained that she had maxed out the credit card within the first month of having it. And now she has decided that she doesn’t want to go to college but instead wants to be a hair dresser, and her parents found out that they have not only been supporting their daughter, but also her unemployed boyfriend who refuses to find work or go to school, or do anything that doesn’t allow him to sit at home all day and do nothing and then go out partying all night. So my coworker now complains literally every day about how unfair and horrible her life is since her parents have started making her actually somewhat support herself and start working more than 8 hours a week.

I try to tune it out at work, but having to listen to it for literally an entire shift just about drives me crazy! I want so badly to get face to face with her and tell her everything about my past and how she should be thankful that she has been able to leech off of her parents for this long and still be allowed to do whatever she wants. She doesn’t even know how to pay a bill or even budget her money. It truly boggles my mind because these are things that I knew how to do when I was 10 years old.

But whatever I guess, it’s her life and problems, not mine. I guess I’ll just have to continue doing my job and trying my hardest to tune her out.

Some people just irritate me.

Trip to the botanica



We went to a botanica shop to get the things he needed. The first one we went to had almost everything and it was all EXTREMELY cheap compared to what we both thought it was going to cost. Then we decided to step into another botanica shop that was a block away and the lady was busy tending to other customers, and she thoroughly frustrated me. When she got around to helping us she addressed my “hubby” and didn’t even take a glace at me. He gestured to me since he had already decided that he wasn’t going to buy anything. So I pointed to a charm that I saw (which was a charm that I have been looking for). I pointed to the small black fist with a red bead on top of it. She pointed and said “You want the star of David.” Which was next to it. I told her no and pointed to the fist charm and she asked if that was it. I then told her that I wanted the book on the shelf called “Los Orishas en Cuba” She told me that the book was in Spanish and that she had a few books in English and pointed them out to me. The three books in English were “Wicca tarot reading”, “Wicked sex positions for Voodoo” and “Wicca sex positions”. I told her that yes I knew she had books in English, but that those books weren’t the ones I wanted. She still tried to convince me to get the English books, and when I continued to tell her no several times, she finally rang me up.
To be honest, it frustrated me that she acted that way. Is my Spanish great? No, of course not. My Spanish is terrible. But I can get the book translated and it presents a perfect opportunity for me to improve on my Spanish. But I guess what really frustrated me was that I chose a book for a specific reason and she tried to get me to buy books that had nothing to do with the book that I wanted. If she would have offered me a book on the same or a similar topic but in English, then yes, I would have bought that one. But the options that she gave me were as if I asked for a book on math and then she tried to sell me a book on gardening. If I wanted one of the books that she had in English then I would have asked her for one of them. I don’t know, I’m probably over reacting, but that is just one of my pet peeves  I used to get it a lot when I lived in California, but since I moved to the state where I live now, I have not gotten it, and it has been over 3 years!
But anyways…So currently as I’m writing this my “hubby” is assembling the table that his alter is going to go on. I was a bit worried since he cut his hand wide open just when trying to open the box, and so far he has stabbed his thumb multiple times while trying to put in a screw on one of the legs of the table, so hopefully there won’t be anymore casualties for the night. He’s been trying to assemble the table for over an hour and refuses any type of help, but that’s just how he is; it’s just one of the many reasons why I love him.

Continuing to drop the ball



This week I and my “hubby” have been sick with the flu. I think that I brought it home from work, but I got lucky and my “hubby” got the worst of the flu. He’s been bedridden for the 3 days 😦
This weekend we are still planning on getting the materials for his alter and hopefully we will visit a friend’s house so that I can give my final answer on whether or not I will join. Spoiler Alert: I decided that I’m going to not let fear overrun me and join. In past experiences whenever I stop letting fear control my decisions, things always turn out for the best, so hopefully if I stick with my gut instinct and stop letting fear make my decisions, then things will hopefully continue to turn out for the best 🙂