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My lack of sleep is now effecting my relationship. This morning my ‘hubby’ asked where his sweater was, I told him that it was in the bedroom. He comes out with it and says that I was wrong because the sweater was on the bed. I told him that it was still in the bedroom, so I was right. He then said “No, you’re such a liar, if it was in the closet and you said in the bedroom then you’d be wrong.” This went back and forth for a bit and finally I snapped and screamed over him “Stop calling me a liar! I said it was in the bedroom and it was! If it had been in the closet and I said it was in the bedroom then I’d still be right since the closet is in the bedroom!” So it was a very quiet ride to work after that. He always does this, he is the type of person who ALWAYS has to be right. Usually I choose what I argue about. It was a stupid argument and usually I’d just tell him “whatever baby” and let him have his way. But for a little over a month I have been getting less than 5 hours of sleep a night, and even those 5 hours aren’t a solid 5 hours. I am constantly waking up and unable to easily fall back asleep. And this morning I woke myself up because I was laughing hysterically in my sleep. Apparently it woke up my ‘hubby’ too, which was what had gotten his panties in a bunch this morning before he even got out of bed.

But it’s not just my lack of sleep at night. Since I’m constantly tired I constantly take naps during the day (none lasting over 30 minutes) and I get angry at my ‘hubby’ because apparently he sees me as being ‘lazy’ since I “don’t do anything and constantly complain about being tired”. Even though I always bring up that he never does anything around the house, nor outside of the house. He works and then comes home and does nothing. I work, go to school, cook all of the meals and do everything around the house. Even my days off consist of doing all of the house chores that I wasn’t able to do during the week. While his days off consist of relaxing and playing video games.

I’m just tired of everything. I’m physically tired, I’m mentally tired, I’m emotionally tired, I’m tired of being surrounded by self-absorbed idiots, I’m tired of people being jackasses for no reason…I’m just tired.