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Many of our regular customers at work only work during certain seasons. They are sent in from all over the country and one of the customers is from Arizona. Today was his last day, but he always flirts with all of the employees (except for me) and gets constantly rejected; mostly because everyone is in a relationship. So today I decided that I wasn’t going to hold anything back. When a coworker asked me in front of him if I thought he was attractive or not, I replied “Yes. He has a rugged manly look to him. But to be honest, I don’t think he could handle me.” Which apparently caught everyone by surprise and so the customer asked what I meant and I explained.

Back where I’m from I have a well known reputation of being very open and experimental in the bedroom. This is something that I’ve never tried to hide and I don’t really see a problem with it. I noticed that his expression changed and it was very obvious that his view of me changed and it was just extremely obvious to me that he was checking me out and that ideas were going through his head. So he said that he was pretty damn sure he could handle me. I laughed and told him that mothers always tell their sons to watch out for the quiet ones for a reason and then he told me that he was leaving tonight or tomorrow morning and that he’d love to prove me wrong…that was when a different coworker interrupted and said loudly “She’s in a relationship!” Then he left.

Now I was definitely not going to cheat, but I’m in a relationship, I’m not dead. So for the rest of the day everyone at work was breathing down my neck about how surprised they were that I was not only putting it out there, but that I even said anything in the first place. They all saw first hand that apparently I was very wild and dirty minded, but the thing is; I didn’t even show one percent of what I could have done. I decided to keep it extremely tame to what I could have done and said because I knew I was at work and that my coworkers were around me.

I guess it is true that I am full of surprises, but I’m only full of surprises because people judge. They assume that because I do not dress provocatively at work, layer on my make-up, and do not shout to the heavens all of my dirty ideas and stories, that I MUST obviously be a prude, or at least very shy in that department.

So far, a few people have told me what their impressions are of me and all opinions add up to me being a quiet little church mouse. And whenever I do start to open up even a little bit, people are suddenly surprised that my personality isn’t what they thought. I can be shy, quiet and completely serious. But for the most part it is because I know that I can’t walk into an interview cursing like a sailor and speaking in ‘slang’ while I tell dirty jokes and make crude comments about people. Nor could I sit there telling morbid jokes and talk about the various ways to kill someone and get away with it (disposal of body and all) and then suddenly witch the conversation to an intellectual debate about various things; whether it be history, implications of various social normalities, multiple science theories, or anything else of that nature.

So, I’m going to end this blog because to be frank, I have forgotten where I was going with this. But the point being: People should just stop judging a book by its cover. Whether it be for the good or bad of the person, just stop acting surprised whenever the quiet person says something raunchy, or the person who looks like they are fresh out of prison start an intellectual conversation about renewable resources or social morality.