The party that I was SO excited about for over the past month, was canceled until an undecided date due to a death. I completely understand. I am still looking forward to the party, but it is very sad that the person died. So my mother called me a told me that I am now invited to my cousin’s wedding. I agreed to it since it is a free ticket and everything will be paid for while I am over there. After committing to said wedding, I found out that the first party that was canceled will probably be rescheduled for the date that I am supposed to be gone for. So I have now pretty much switched one part for another party.

I’m excited about both parties and I REALLY hope that I can go to both, knowing my luck; that won’t happen. Personally, the original party is not worth giving up to go to a wedding, but what can I do about it? What’s done is done.

My ‘hubby’ has decided not to go, which is probably for the best.