Work has assigned me a secret spying mission for my shift tomorrow. Apparently the guy who I work with at night shift has been taking money from the registers. I almost lost my job over it, but when I explained that it couldn’t be me and the managers reviewed the tapes, they found that the only person who was acting suspicious around the money was the other employee. So they gave me these options: Either I try to catch him taking money, or we all get fired since there is no absolute proof that he is the one taking the money(he works two nights a week, each Tuesdays is one employee and I’m with him on Fridays), or they do nothing a just wait for the person taking the money to slip up (which is not a route they want to take). So now I get to be a spy on my next shift.

To be honest, I hate being a snitch…but…I’m not the type of person to take the fall for someone else. I’m the type of person who will save herself, and if I’m going down with no way to stop it, then I’m taking everyone I can down with me. But, even if my job wasn’t at stake, I’d still spy on him because to be honest…he’s an asshole and doesn’t even try to cover it up or even attempt to get along with coworkers; even after I had played dumb in order for him to not be fired, but hey, who tries to be nice anymore? He has already caused a lot of trouble for me at work so far, so I kind of relish the opportunity of being able to take him down.

So tomorrow I get to have the fun of pretty much shadowing him nonchalantly or at least make sure that I’m inconspicuous about it. Right now I am wishing that I would have spent most of my childhood trying to be a ninja.