This may sound a bit weird, but I’ve been thinking. I’ve been getting a few likes and follows and even though I’m writing (or blogging, however you want to put it) about whatever comes to mind or things that I want; I want to know, any questions anyone wants to ask and have answered? Let’s hear the peoples’ voice. Come on now, don’t be shy. There is no such thing as a stupid question (which is one of the biggest lies people tell). So, let’s try this out in my first Q&A!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anything you want to know, anything suggestions about my writing, anything at all!! Just try to keep it PG or PG13, hey, why not even go as low as G? Nothing rated R or XXX 🙂

You’re all wonderful and I appreciate any or all feedback 🙂 Just leave it in the comments, it will all be answered in another post 🙂


On a personal note: I’ve been reading other peoples’ blogs and the things that they have written about and are writing about and my inner James Brown narrator just goes “Good God!!” (all in a good way of course)